Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Scenes from Silverado's 103rd Open House

The parents gathered, teachers were introduced, pizza was sold by Girl Scouts, proud students shared their work, classrooms were visited and admired - all was well except for the looming closure.

One wonders why the board of trustees and the superintendent didn't take the time to visit the little school in the canyon on this warm spring evening.

Surely if they believe so much in their decision they should stand behind it publicly, facing the very children and people it affects the most.

Their silence is deafening.



  1. They're busy!

    They've got vacations to take and meetings to go to. You can't ask public officials to actually take the time to look at the results of their decison making, come on.

    They're cowards.

  2. Not only are they arrogant, they are stupid. Not to mention, they are not doing their job(s).

    We're small, so we suffered. That, folks, is the bottom line. Do you REALLY think they would have gotten away with this if we were another (eh-hem) well-healed school in a rich community?

    It's called classism, folks. We deal with this all the time, on every issue.

    And trying to oust a school board member won't work.

    The only thing we CAN try to do is run someone against them.

    Democracy, anyone?