Thursday, April 30, 2009

Keep Those Cards and Letters Coming!

Writing letters in order to communicate our needs and concerns as constituents - and to further inform our elected representatives and public education employees about critical issues - is an essential part of a vibrant democratic process.

We hope that you continue to be part of our efforts to defend the interests of our community and its children.

Our ongoing review of the county transportation department statistics has revealed that the OUSD-sanctioned option of busing students 1.5-2 hours daily into Orange puts them at risk. In addition, when road closures occur, as they often do along Santiago Canyon Road, at Jamboree or the 241, bussed students or parents who choose to transport their own children to school, will be forced to detour through Lake Forest, another additional commuting hour. We will publish our full report on this issue soon.
Please write another letter or email today.

Here's one that was sent yesterday to all the trustees and the superintendent:

Dear OUSD Board President, Members and Superintendent:

I am a parent of a first grader at Silverado, and have addressed the Board a few times in recent months. I am writing once again to ask you to please, please consider a revote on the closure of our school. We are working hard to do our part as engaged parents and community members, but need your support. Please do agendize our request for the next Board meeting. We are confident that another discussion --- this one surrounding the profoundly harmful impact on our community, problems of transportation safety, and the possibilities of our Environmental Science model --- will suggest another way of solving the problem, and of keeping open this singularly historic and vital community resource.


Andrew Tonkovich
Parent, Silverado Elementary School

The next OUSD board meeting is Tuesday May 12.


  1. Thanks!

    I emailed the board and the superintendent.

  2. I think their decision to bus kindergarteners for up to two hours hours a day is shameful.

    A daily two hour round-trip bus ride is a mind-numbing prospect for students who can't even read.

    Let alone the danger of transportation along these roads.

    Children will be picked up in the winter months when it is still dark.

    The argument that we "choose" to live out here therefore we need to suck it up is a false one - every community deserves access to the public services their taxes pay for - safe access to public education is primary.

  3. Yes, it's important to participate in the process as you say - it's part of democracy.

    I never fail to be amazed at how some officials and public employees are so disrespectful to the people who they are supposed to represent.

    For example, we generally express our thanks to them for their service but seldom do they thank us for our concern and input. The only person who has responded to any of my letters is Supervisor Campbell.

    Instead, at meetings, some appear disrespectful, dismissive, bored, outright hostile.