Tuesday, April 14, 2009

OUSD Board of Trustee meeting Thursday April 16th

The OUSD board of trustees will meet again on this Thursday April 16.

We will once again ask them to reconsider the closure. We will remind them that this decision is devastating to our community and sets a bad precedent in terms of budget decisions.

We will submit cards to speak, and expect to be allowed our 3 minutes per person, 20 minutes total for topic after either item 11 or item 15. Note that the Board will not respond to us because we are not an agendized item. These are the two public comment opportunities.

Those planning to speak should write out comments and stick to time limit, be polite if firm.

You can also simply attend the meeting without speaking. Your presence also sends a message - and boosts those who do speak!

OUSD headquarters is at 1401 N. Handy St.in Orange.

The meeting begins at 7 PM.

See you there!

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