Thursday, April 9, 2009


Chris Jepsen, who works at the Orange County Archives and maintains the blog, O.C. History Round-Up, has taken note of our struggles to defend Silverado Elementary School.

There's an ongoing dicussion on his blog about the oldest school in OC which continues to operate. Silverado is right up there though outpaced by the likes of Loara Elementary School in Anaheim (1888) and St. Catherine's Military Academy in Anaheim, next to St. Boniface Church, (1889.)

You can check out his coverage by clicking here.

It's nice to be noticed.

Across the state, districts are making tough choices in these hard times. Closure of schools seem to be a step most want to avoid.

What is often the first? Summer school.

You'll recall that the OUSD board voted to shutter Silverado on the same evening they opted to keep summer school open.

Meanwhile, I've just noticed that there's a move afoot up north where the San Francisco Board of Supervisors to consider using money from their Rainy Day Fund to avert teacher layoffs.

Makes a girl think.


Letters to distribute at festivities this weekend can be picked up today and tomorrow at the Children's Center.


Enjoy the holidays. Posting will be light until next week.

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