Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The March 26th Meeting

This morning while we were having breakfast and preparing for the day ahead, my family was listening to the radio. Our typical morning soundtrack is National Public Radio’s Morning Edition. As one story ended and another began, my son spoke up. “Why,” he asked, “aren’t they talking about how they’re going to close Silverado?”

“Good question,” his father answered and then began to explain the sad facts of information and power, the challenge of making our story matter, - or at least as much as you can explain to a six-year-old. “And that’s why we’re going to the meeting tomorrow night,” he said to him.

Indeed, tomorrow, on Thursday March 26th, the OUSD board of trustees will meet for the first time since their decision to shutter Silverado Elementary school. We will be there. Join us.

The meeting is an opportunity to do two things. First, we will remind the Board that we are still here, that we have a viable proposal for an environmental sciences charter school, and that all we need is one year to organize, propose, fund.

Second, we will update them on the fluid, ever-changing fiscal realities and correct the bad math that seems to have informed their decision. We will reframe the cost effectiveness argument to our advantage. We will offer the example of Principal Evans as one more change in the budget reality.

We plan to ask them to reconsider the closure, and to do that before May 18. We would like them to please revisit this decision, which is devastating to our community and sets a bad precedent in terms of budget decisions.

We will submit cards to speak, and expect to be allowed our 3 minutes per person, 20 minutes total for topic after either item 11 or item 15. Note that the Board will not respond to us because we are not an agendized item. These are the two public comment opportunities.

Those planning to speak should write out comments and stick to time limit, be polite if firm.

Please note that previous plans to gather in the morning and late afternoon have been canceled. Please join us for the meeting which begins at 7 PM. We'll be holding signs just before the meeting begins to greet the arrivals. You can attend the meeting to show support even if you do not choose to speak. The district headquarters is located at 1401 N. Handy Street

If you can’t attend the meeting, and you haven’t sent letters yet, please write them now. Mention the points cited above. And don’t worry – there will be more to do in the future.
Like my son, the children who attend Silverado Elementary are aware of our efforts and aware of the threat that faces their school. As we act in their defense, they are learning an important lesson. You fight for what matters. You do what you can with what you have. You work together to protect each other.



  1. Captain Greybeard will be at the District before the meeting tonight with signs and pizza.

  2. I should say the School District and not the shopping center. We hope to see you there!