Sunday, March 15, 2009

OUSD March 12 Board Meeting

From the Orange County Register:

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Silverado Elementary to shut its doors
Orange Unified trustees OK plan to boost class sizes, kill middle school sports and reduce high school counselors.

ORANGE Orange Unified trustees voted 4-3 today to close Silverado Elementary as part of an effort to trim $33.1 million from the district budget...

...About 150 parents, teachers and others attended the meeting to hear about the proposals. Several of the Silverado parents attended to plead with board members.

...Silverado parents and residents had been working for weeks to save their small school. The group tried to persuade district officials to convert the campus into a magnet or charter focused on environmental sciences and technology. Community members said they've been raising money through grants so the school could remain open for at least one more year.

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  1. Start your own private school in the same location, it will be available soon - charge $4000/year/student (the OUSD costs are 3600 roughly).

  2. The OUSD Bylaws state that "The Board of Education believes that its primary responsibility is to act in the best interests of every student in the District." BB 9005(a.

    With Silverado Elementary students to suffer the greatest impacts per student and is this in the best interests of each and every student?

    OUSD made a mistake and they need to go back to the table and reconsider their vote!