Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Write Letters to Supervisor Campbell!

Supervisor Bill Campbell has lent his support to develop Silverado into a charter school with an environmental science focus. He has pledged to raise $100,000 toward that effort.

Please contact his office and let him know that we need his leadership now more than ever.

In your letters, thank him for his support and ask him to stand with us on March 26th as we ask the OUSD board to reconsider their mistake and re-open Silverado Elementary School.


U.S. Post: Office of Supervisor Bill Campbell
Orange County Board of Supervisors
10 Civic Center Plaza
Santa Ana, CA 92701

Letters can be simple and direct. Please feel free to cut and paste or otherwise adapt this sample letter:

Dear Supervisor Campbell,

Thank you for your continued support of canyon issues, especially your commitment to help transform Silverado Elementary into a charter school with an environmental focus. Clearly you see the same potential for our school as we do and understand the vital role a local school plays in a community, especially one like ours.

As you know, the OUSD Board of Trustees voted to close Silverado at their March 12, 2009 last meeting.

We hope to persuade them to reconsider their mistake at the upcoming meetings. We hope that OUSD will be known throughout the state as the district which was able to put children above all and the one that was able ride out this tough year without having to close a single school.

We know and you know that our plan for a charter school will not only sustain our community but will provide a long term solution to the crisis the district faces.

Please communicate your support to the trustees of the OUSD and Superintendent Dreier.


Remember to write your letters to OUSD board members (see sidebar on the right). Get your neighbors, friends and family members to do the same.

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  1. I am sending my letter today. I inserted to Chay's letter:

    And on a personal note I would like to tell you how impressed we have been with both Silverado Elementary School and the adjoining Silverado Children’s Center for providing the most excellent type of education in a caring community for our son. We will continue to support the efforts and keep our son at Silverado Elementary when it becomes a charter.