Sunday, March 29, 2009

"They need to cut the money at the top"

In the March 25th edition of the OC Register, Kimberly Edds reports on the funding crisis facing the Orange County Fire Authority.

Edds interviews Modjeska Canyon resident Janice Beasley whose home was lost in the October 2007 Santiago fire.


"The help needs to go to our fire department," she said. "We didn't have enough help to begin with, and now this?"

The Santiago fire destroyed 15 homes in the canyon communities of Modjeska and Trabuco. ..For more than a year, the Beasleys have been living out of a trailer. They lost most of their possessions and relied on friends and neighbors for handouts.

Budget crisis or not, Beasley's anger at the cutbacks spilled out to include the announced closing of nearby Silverado Elementary School and other things she sees as community necessities.

"They need to cut the money at the top, from the salaries of the senators and the other politicians who continue to get raises," Beasley said. "My husband took a pay cut because of the poor economy – why not these people?"

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Janice Beasley makes an excellent point about the need to chop from the top, one that you might want to echo in your letters to local elected officals.

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  1. If we've already written letters, can we write to the trustees and officials again?

  2. By all means, write them again. Remind them of your first letter and let them know that their leadership and support is still sorely needed.

    These people are our elected officials whose job it is to help the communities they represent. Let them know how they can help us.

  3. Yes, write again.